About WMFA

WM Fund Associates Co., Ltd. (WMFA) is an independent Japanese fund administration service provider, specialized to provide middle office and back office functions for private equity funds and venture capital funds, including fund administration, accounting and other supporting services for GPs. WMFA was established in 2013. Each of core members has over 20 years of working experiences at Japanese private equity and venture capital house, with hands-on administration experiences for many funds to accumulate operational knowledge and practical know-hows for fund administration.
WMFA is not only to provide customary outsourcing services but also to work closely with GPs to provide solutions for their specific needs for an effective framework of fund operation, and to support GPs’ fund administration in wider range of functions to let GPs focus more on their core business as investment activities.
Utilizing experiences, knowledge and industry network and other values, WMFA is to meet wider and various needs with GPs.

Asset Under Administration

Asset Under Administration

(As at 31st December 2022)

Number of GP clients: 48

Number of fund under administration: 101

Asset under Administration (Commitment base): JPY 729.5 billion

Number of GP clients: 48

Number of GP clients

Number of fund under administration: 101

Number of fund under administration

Asset under Administration (Commitment base): JPY 729.5 billion

Asset under Administration (Commitment base)

From CEO

Operations of General Partner, which manages a fund, is not only investment activities but also wider and variety of roles and responsibilities including compliance, accounting, reporting to LP investors, all related to fund management. We understand it very hard job to do those tasks in parallel with investment activities, raise the investee companies, to show and keep investment performance better and comfortable.
We have been working with large and established venture capital fund house to experience investment practices as general partner and to support many funds and those administration as middle office / back office.
With long business track record and industry experiences and knowledge, we are happy to assist your efficient and solid fund management based on close relationship and co-working system.

Chiaki Yamamoto


WM Fund Associates Co., Ltd.

Service Menu

Fund Set-up and investors on-boarding support

Based on experiences and knowledge from past fund set-up and on-board process with so many funds, we are to provide practical supports for fund formation.

  • Advice for agreements regarding LPS formation
  • Advice for fund formation, including bank account opening, filing to J-FSA, FATCA registrations.

Fund Administration

We are to support your cash management from cash in/out flow procedure and management including drawdown for investments, as well as overall cash flow management including cash balance monitoring, investable cash monitoring and testing for next capital call.


We are to prepare periodical fund management reports, based on appropriate accounting rules and process under laws, accounting standards, agreements and codes.
We know and prioritize various reports easier to read and understand, with our flexibility to customize by needs and requests from both GP and LPs.

  • Accounting entries
  • Trade record management
  • Carries and distribution calculation
  • Preparation of fund accounts
  • Correspondence with auditors

GP Support

To meet more needs and requests from GP clients, we have been providing the following services as well:

  • Support for issuing notice and reporting to LPs
  • Support to prepare capital call notice and distribution notice
  • Support to establish investment evaluation flow
  • Support to establish investment information database
  • Support for tax filings
  • Support for J-FSA filing and reporting
  • Support for compliance related to fund management including J-FIEA, tax laws and financial accounting standards

Your benefits from WMFA

You can establish stable and reliable fund management system quickly.

WMFA as a part of your middle/back office function enables you to set up your stable and reliable fund management system, utilizing experiences and knowledge of WMFA.

Cost-flexible and cost-efficient infrastructure can be available.

You can adjust your management cost along with your Asset under Management with outsourcing to WMFA.

Compliant to changing and highly regulated investment environment

Fund management needs different knowledge, experiences and know-hows from typical corporate accounting / tax rules, such like FATCA, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan, AML/KYC requirement, tax laws, accounting rules for Japan Investment Limited Liability Partnership structure, etc.
WMFA keeps up-to-date information to cover daily-changing and fund specific accounting standards, regulations, reporting and filing requirements, so you can be updated and take necessary and appropriate actions.

Proper fund governance to your fund

Involvement of capable third party service provider as WMFA provides more transparency of fund management to your investors.

Professional Team

Chiaki Yamamoto


Prior founding WMFA, Chiaki had worked to Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd (JAIC) for more than 20 years to administer many JAIC managed funds, in addition to administer company operation of JAIC itself. Chiaki was also a representative director of a subsidiary of JAIC for fund administration services business, to manage fund administration services to around 50-60 funds at all the time.

Ayako Tani


Ayako has over 20 years of business experiences in PE and VC industry, started her business career from JAFCO Co., Ltd., and Ant Capital Partners Co., Ltd (ACP) thereafter. Ayako was CEO of Fund Management Services Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ACP for fund administration business, responsible for fund administration business with Asset under administration as JPY 130 billion.

Eri Suzuki

Certified Public Accountant

Before joining to WMFA in April 2015, Eri has been serving to outsourcing business to Japan subsidiaries of international firms at a local accounting firm in Tokyo. Eri also has more than 7 years of auditing experiences at Shin-Nihon Audit Firm (current Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC).

Mami Kajiwara

Before joining to WMFA in August 2014, Mami supported administration of investee venture companies at Matrix Capital Inc., since January 2006. Prior to this, Mami has experiences for operations at financial institutes including Mitsui Life Insurance  Company Limited (current Mitsui Mutual Insurance Company), Resona Bank, Limited, Sumitomo Trust Bank, Limited (current Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited).

Company Profile

Company Name
WM Fund Associate Co., Ltd.
Registered Office Address
6th Fl., KakimiKojimachiAnnex Building, 3-2, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0083 Japan
Company Establishment
24th September 2013
JPY 10,000,000.-
Chiaki Yamamoto
Fund asset administration, Fund Accounting, GP/LP support.